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Farming a Wetland1

Wetlands are vital ecosystems that provide livelihoods for the millions of people who live in and around them.

Are you interested in purchasing wetland mitigation credits?

IAMI is currently offering for sale wetland mitigation credits in select watersheds within the Prairie Pothole Region of north-central Iowa. Credits are sold on a first-come, first-served basis with drainage district projects having the highest priority. Credit prices can vary depending on service area with no minimum or maximum purchase limits. Any portion or fraction of credits can be purchased.

Prior to submitting a Credit Application, please contact the Executive Director, Kim Perlstein at telephone 515-298-4974, or email at You’ll need to provide the location of the wetlands to be impacted:

  • County
  • Section
  • Township
  • Range

Kim will verify that your area is included in the particular bank service area and that credits are currently available for your project.