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    Iowa Agricultural Mitigation, Inc. was formed in June 2010 as an Iowa 501(c)(5) non-profit corporation by individuals who were concerned and passionate about improving wetlands in the State of Iowa.

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    Mitigation Sites

    In addition to their current banks, IAMI is looking for future wetland mitigation sites to add to the mitigation bank to continue to provide wetland credits. IAMI representatives can help determine if your property might be suitable for restoration and inclusion in the mitigation bank.

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    Wetland Mitigation

    Wetland Mitigation banking has been commonly used to replace wetland impacts on a national scale since the 1980’s. Mitigation banking is growing in the Midwest and becoming a preferred method to compensate for unavoidable wetland losses.

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    NRCS Wetland Mitigation Banking Program

    The NRCS Wetland Mitigation Banking Program provides producers an option for mitigating wetlands that have been lost to impacts like drainage, dredging, ditching, or other types of wetland conversion. Click the picture above for more information.

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    Ag Bank Web App

    IAM is working with NRCS to promote agricultural wetland mitigation banking (Ag Bank) awareness in Iowa.This web app is accessible via computer or any mobile device. Landowners, producers and associated ag entities interested in purchasing Ag Bank credit to offset wetland conversion, as well as those who would like to discuss developing an Ag Bank on their property, should fill out the confidential survey found on the website.

The mission of the Iowa Agricultural Mitigation, Inc. is to provide wetland mitigation credits for impacts to farmed wetlands in north central Iowa. The bank is intended to provide owners of farmed wetlands an alternative replacement option.

Restoring Wetlands Mission Video

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What is IAMI?

IAMI is a 501(c)(5) non-profit umbrella-type wetland mitigation bank formed in June 2010. The Board of Directors is composed of local government officials and natural resource professionals.

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Do You Have Questions?

What is IAMI? How does it work? We answer all your questions here at our Frequently Asked Questions page to help you see if the Mitigation Bank is the right choice for you.

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What is the first step?

Credits are sold on a first-come, first-served basis with drainage district projects having the highest priority. Credit prices can vary depending on service area, with no minimum or maximum purchase limits.

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“The process was very easy, Kevin was great to work with and very helpful.” - Farmer from Wright County

“I decided on IAMI because there was a small area that was considered wetlands and I wanted to farm it through. IAMI made it easy to purchase land elsewhere.” - Farmer from Hancock County

"Kevin was helpful and is great to work with. I would recommend IAMI to anyone." - Farmer from Hancock County